Q. What truck cap or truck topper works with ChampRack?

A. ChampRack was designed to work in any full size pickup with a commercial style truck cap. It works best with a 23" or taller cap with van style doors at the rear of the cap or topper and an 8’ truck bed. ChampRack is 72" long and will also work in many 6’ truck beds. Contact us if you need help in determining if it will fit in your truck.

Q. How do I measure my truck bed to see which to order?

A. There are two choices: 61-3/4" wide and 62-3/4" wide. Some truck beds are tapered so measure your truck bed width about 6’ back from the cab and chose which will fit.

Q. What is ChampRack made of?

A. The frame is all mild steel and varies in thickness from .083 to 3/16" depending on the component. It is powder coated.

Q. How much weight will it hold?

A. ChampRack will hold a total of 1200 lbs – 200 lbs per shelf evenly distributed.

Q. How is ChampRack shipped?

A. It is shipped in 3 boxes and weighs approximately 175lbs.

Q. Can you install ChampRack after truck cap is installed?

A. Yes. It comes broken down in separate components and is bolted together in the bed of the truck after the cap is installed.

Q. How does ChampRack attach to the truck?

A. ChampRack bolts to the turned down lip at the top of the truck bed along the sides and across the front of the bed.

Q. What colors does ChampRack come in?

A. Satin black is the standard color.

Q. What do I do about shelf bottoms?

A. We offer a steel bottom as an option. There are many materials which could be used for the shelf bottoms - plywood, steel, aluminum, MDF and more. Because of shipping costs, it will be less expensive if you supply your own 1/2" plywood cut to size. We also suggest cutting the corners off at a 45 degree angle. This allows you to check tightness of bolts without removing shelf.