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    ChampRack is a 3 level tool and material rack for use inside a commercial pickup truck cap. The upper shelf holds 12 plastic parts bins for small items and is accessible from the side doors. The middle shelf is 19-1/2" deep and is also accessible from the side doors. The lower shelf, also 19-1/2" deep, is for longer items and can be accessed from the rear of the truck. All this while still being able to haul 4 x 8 sheet goods in the bed of the truck. Please note shelf bottoms are available in many materials and are not part of the standard ChampRack but are available in steel as an option. We recommend 1/2" plywood as a less expensive option which can be bought and fitted locally. Check our You Tube site for ideas on how to customize ChampRack for your individual needs.


    • Black powder coat finish
    • Width 61.75" & up
    • Height 21" above bed rail
    • Length 72"
    • Truck bed floor fully open for 4 x 8 sheet goods
    • 1200 lb capacity
    • 200 lbs per shelf evenly distributed
    • Opening between shelves - 22-3/4 for narrow ChampRack or 23-3/4 for wide ChampRack which is determined by truck bed width


    We prefer 1/2" plywood for our shelf bottoms. This can be cut to size by the end user as it is much less expensive than us shipping.

    We do offer:

    • Steel Shelf bottoms. Please call
    • A second Bin Shelf with 12 bins
    • End Panels
    • Utility Hooks
    • All as options

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